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  • 8 metre Stanton Triangle Jimmy Jib with remote head
  • Jib transported by 4×4 bakkie, seats 5 people with lock up equipment trailer
  • Our crane takes all professional digital and DSLR cameras and can be used in high to extreme winds
  • Custom built stabilised, 3 axis head (designed by
  • 6 different Jib sizes from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 metres
  • Doorway dolly, tracks, track wheels
  • Base plate with matt box bars for DSLR, adjusted to balance on jib
  • Shot bags and boxes
  • Zoom Kit, Jimmy jib follow focus, high speed motors for pan/tilt
  • DOP operating station with extra cabling for tracking


  • 3 metre jib boom hard-mounted to 4×4 bakkie
  • Takes all cameras but feel free to use our in house BMP cinema camera with ultra low payload for maximum control
  • Our camera is stabilised with a set of brushless gimbals. Camera can be mounted front or back
  • Car suction mounts for DSLR and safety harness provided


  • Hand held gimbal stabiliser
  • Drone external hire with black magic gimbal or go pro
  • 3 x tungsten lights and hand held battery light
  • Black Magic ENG kit with tripod, Panasonic 12-35 lens and Sony wide angle adapter.
  • Kit comes with Unitek 9 inch monitor, 5 monitor batteries and 2 x 64 gb camera cards.
  • Underwater plastic housing
  • Metabones adapter for DSLR lens
  • Rode effects mike and 2 channel mixer